lunedì 17 settembre 2007

locked iPod update

ancora da Arstechnica, le parole di uno degli sviluppatori di una delle implementazioni open-source di Apple ZeroConf per Linux, Lennart Poettering:

Although Apple's iPod lock-in attempt has been thwarted today, Poettering reminds us that it might not be possible to thwart in the future. Apple's willingness to make these kinds of changes to the database format should be taken as a warning that unsupported third-party compatibility options may not be viable in the long term. Although Apple may not be attempting to block third-party native iPhone app hacks with firmware updates, for instance, the company could easily attempt to do so in the future if they felt that the third-party software ecosystem was a threat to their control. Developers shouldn't assume that Apple's leniency now will continue. In fact, if history is any evidence—with the iPods, DAAP, and ROAP—it is likely that iPhones will be locked back down again too at some point in the future.

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